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Preparation 30В 500ml
Препарат 30 В 500мл

Preparation 30 B ®

(concentrate, mineral oil emulsion)

A modern, safe insectoacaricide to combat the wintering stages of pests of fruit and berry and ornamental plants, such as: Californian scale insect, pseudo-scale insects, aphids, leafworms, worms, suckers, moths, ticks, etc.

With the help of "Preparation 30B", fruit and berry plants are cleaned from the larvae and eggs of the wintering stages of pests, by the method of preventive early spring, summer and autumn treatments, which creates a high annual efficiency, the preparation does not cause addiction to pests. From the first days of blooming, the leaves gain full strength without the interference of sucking pests, which is very important for flowering and the general development of plants.

"Preparation 30B":

  1. When used as directed, it is environmentally friendly (hazard class 4);

  2. Constrains populations, does not lead to mutation;

  3. Not phytotoxic;

  4. It has no toxic and neuroparalytic effects.

"Preparation 30B" is highly effective in the fight against the wintering stages of pests, does not have a toxic and nerve-paralytic effect, and disrupting the air and water balance of the development of larval eggs, leads to their death.

One of the most important properties of the drug is that pests cannot adapt to such an effect, therefore, "Preparation 30B" is equally highly effective every year.

After the destruction of eggs and larvae of pests in early spring, the plant wakes up and develops in full force. In summer, pests will not appear from the destroyed larvae and eggs, but it is necessary to monitor their possible appearance for various reasons: special climatic conditions, migration from the outside, flight from neighboring areas, and such pests as aphids have 10-12 generations in their development for the season.

Application of the "Preparation 30B":

- early spring treatments from 4 ° C to bud break; the best effect is treatment in the phase of swollen kidneys;

-autumn processing at a temperature not lower than 4 ° С (around the clock) after the foliage has fallen off;

-summer treatment for the emergence of tramps of the 2nd and 3rd generations (according to the forecast of plant protection stations). It must be processed carefully, without leaving missing areas.

"Preparation 30 V" is a good adhesive, mixes up with most powdery and liquid preparations: organic insecticides and fungicides. It is patented.

Beware of counterfeits, as a rule, they turn out to be toxic, carcinogenic, phytotoxic and ineffective, which can harm plants and your health.

Making and selling counterfeits is punishable by law. ©

Packing: bottle of 500 ml

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