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Solutin 250 ml

SOLUTIN ® NEW antitranspirant

  1. Preparative, moisture-saving, anti-stress technology in crop production.
  2. It is used to obtain an increase of 10-50% of the yield, to improve its marketability and quality.
  3. Reduces the loss of soil moisture (water supply) on hot summer days from 3000 liters to 7000 liters per hectare per day !!!
  4. Environmentally friendly, not phytotoxic purpose and mechanism of action:
  5. Using "Solutin" on potatoes, vegetables, melons, grains, legumes during the growing season. For cover treatment of crops in order to reduce unproductive moisture loss, preserve and strengthen the natural protective wax layer of the leaf, due to the formation of an organic polymer film. Does not affect the gas-exchange of the plant organism (respiration), promotes effective photosynthesis and metabolism in plants. When processing seed, it increases the energy of germination and seed germination.
  6. Using "Solutin" as a pre-harvest preparation, which minimizes pod cracking, yield losses of winter and spring rapeseed, winter and spring wheat, millet, sunflower, soybeans, flax, peas, mustard and other crops before and during harvesting.
  7. Reduces seed moisture before harvesting, which reduces drying costs.
*** reduces unproductive loss of moisture in the leaves, allows you to accumulate and retain moisture in the leaves, already on the third day after treatment, a change in the water regime of the plant is observed, moisture is accumulating, this allows the plant to withstand unfavorable weather conditions (drought, high atmospheric temperatures, strong winds, low atmospheric humidity, or vice versa, excessive rainfall), frosts.
*** improves the physiological state of culture
*** preserves moisture reserves in the soil
*** Effectively acts against cracking of pods, fruits, chapping, sunburn, and also helps to increase the size of fruits, uniform ripening of the crop *** protects the crop from stress; under stress, plants produce toxins that slow down the development of the fetus *** prevention of infection with fungal diseases of vegetative plants
*** improves the appearance, qualitative, quantitative, biometric indicators of the crop *** reduces the risk of grain contamination with mycotoxins *** reduces the pre-harvest moisture content of seeds *** as an adhesive, an adjuvant is added to tank mixtures with other pesticides, after drying it is not washed off with water for a long time, which allows several times more effective use of plant protection products. *** reduces the surface tension of the working solution *** resistant to atmospheric influences (rain, sun, wind, dew)
*** as an adhesive - adjuvant compatible with many fungicides and insecticides (tank mix)
*** reduces crop losses before and during harvesting of cereals, legumes, rapeseed
*** processing of seedlings, before planting on open ground for three days, for better survival rate.
*** not toxic to soil
*** non-toxic to bees and other beneficial insects
*** decomposed by soil microorganisms
*** not phytotoxic

Processing time:

Use of the drug "Solutin" as an antitranspirant 4-5 weeks before harvest. active phase of crop formation. *** wheat is processed in a phase: from tubing to the beginning of milk ripeness.
Use of the drug "Solutin" as an adhesive, adjuvant according to the terms and norms of the regulated introduction of plant protection chemicals. Use of the "Solutin" preparation as a pre-harvest preparation for rapeseed processing crops 4 weeks before harvesting when the rapeseed pods are still dark green.

Consumption rates:

Application of the drug "Solutin" as an adhesive, adjuvant from 0.5 to 1%. at a water consumption rate of 150 - 300 liters per hectare. The use of the drug "Solutin" as an antitranspirant from 1.5 - 2% at a water consumption rate of 200 - 400 liters per hectare. Application of the "Solutin" preparation as a pre-harvest preparation of 4 l / ha at a water consumption rate of 200 - 400 liters per hectare. Processing should be carried out in calm weather, 2-3 days before possible precipitation, in the evening hours.
IMPORTANT: achieve complete coverage of the plants with the working solution. Two-fold processing is allowed (frequency 7-12 days) cooking method: Fill half of the sprayer tank with water, pour Solutin into the sprayer tank and stir thoroughly until a homogeneous consistency, then add the remaining water to the tank. After processing, rinse the nozzles, spray nozzles.
Container 0.25 litas, Purchase from 1 box. In a box 20 pieces - 250ml Shelf life: 3 years.
Tests, studies have been carried out and are being carried out: 
  1. Plant Production Institute ND.V.Ya.Yurieva National Academy of Agrarian Science of Ukraine,
  2. Uman National University of Agriculture,
  3. V.Ye.Tairov Institute of Viticulture and Winemaking NAAS of Ukraine,
  4. Institut of Corn culture NAAS of Ukraine,
  5. Bogomolets National Medical University.

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