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Ecogid-BIO 5 l


Super adjuvant

"Ecogid-Bio" is a modern highly effective adhesive-adjuvant that contains 85% natural vegetable oils, surfactants, inert ingredients and stabilizers. "Ecoguide-Bio" is effective in the preparation of tank mixtures and is compatible with chemical and biological plant protection products. Provides the achievement of the most complete economic effect from the treatment, increasing the profitability of treatments when used with plant protection products.

Properties "EcogidBio":

  • reduces the surface tension of the working solution;
  • almost doubles the area of ​​the treated surface;
  • encapsulates the active ingredients and a resistant coating that reduces the washing off of plant protection products by atmospheric precipitation;
  • reduces oxygen oxidation of pesticides;
  • inhibits evaporation;
  • resists UV radiation.
Thus, the profitability of the treatments is significantly increased.

Mechanism of action:

Improves the distribution and absorption of the working solution over the entire surface, which increases the profitability and biological effectiveness of the use of plant protection products.

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When adding an adjuvant-adhesive "EcogidBio" to the tank mixture, there is a uniform mixing and distribution of all preparats with water, this feature allows you to evenly apply the working fluid to the contact area.

Directions for use:

Consumption rate of "EcogidBio" preparation: from 1 to 1.5 l / ha
Concentration 0.5-1% of the volume of the working fluid.
Working fluid consumption rate: 200-300 l / ha

Preparation of working solution:

To prepare a working solution, it is always necessary to pre-mix "EcogidBio" with other plant protection products before adding to the sprayer tank with water, prepare a mother liquor "EcogidBio" (mix a measured amount of the drug and the same amount of water). When preparing a preliminary solution with a liquid preparative form, it is necessary to add a measured amount of the EcogidBio stock solution to the mixing container, add the pesticide and stir until an emulsion is formed.
When preparing a pre-solution with wettable powder or water-soluble granules, add the pesticide to the mixing container, add a minimum amount of water until dissolved. Then add the required amount of "Ecoguide-Bio" mother liquor and mix until an emulsion is formed.
When preparing a pre-solution with several products, make sure that each product is separately mixed with EcogidBio to form a stable emulsion. Fill the sprayer tank with water to 1/3 of the required volume, add the previous solution, mix until completely dissolved.
Add the remaining water to the desired volume with constant stirring.

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