Guide to getting the right T-shirt Printing by

Guide to getting the right T-shirt Printing by

Pain-Free Shopping For Big and Tall Men’s Clothes

Finding good quality big and tall men's T-shirt is becoming much easier than it's ever been. Not so long ago, finding T-shirt in this category meant going only to specialty stores and paying extra for special sizes. These days it's fairly easy to find plenty of choices of this T-shirt classification in most department stores and T-shirt retail outlets. This is mostly because of the increase in awareness from people wanting to buy more within the 'big and tall' range. This means it's now much easier to find plenty of T-shirt options to suit your needs. T-Shirt Printing With more stores to choose from and more designers creating T-shirt, there's plenty to choose from. Here are some simle tips to help you find the right T-shirt to suit your tastes in the sizes that fit you best.

Do be sure to try on the clothes you intend to buy before leaving. It's just a plain fact that there are no rigid standards with T-shirt sizes. Singapore t-shirt printing Some might feel like baby T-shirt to you, and others will be too large. This avoids the dreaded return trip to the store to get something that fits. Simply trying them on first can possibly save you some headaches, later. But it's probably happened to everyone, they just grab something that's the "right size" because it looks really cool, but after they get home it doesn't look cool on them?

Shopping for your T-shirt online is also a great option. Online stores offer a wide range of T-shirt styles and varieties that can be great, even if you don't always get the chance to try them on before you buy. You can choose from hundreds of online T-shirt retail stores that cater specifically to big and tall men's T-shirt. This can be a great way to get the clothes you need without having to deal with crowded dressing rooms and long register lines. You'll find most of those retailers offer liberal return policies, so if the clothes arrive and you find they're not right, simply send them back for a refund.

Look at the sales racks first. You'll find that clothes that are not selling fast often go onto the sales racks, and that includes clothes that are unusual sizes. You see, the normal size clothes always sell at the regular prices, but the unusual sizes don't sell as fast - so onto the sales racks they go. This is one time when being a size that is not considered “normal” can actually work to your advantage and save you quite a bit of money!

It's really not terribly hard finding big and tall men’s T-shirt. These days, big and tall men’s sizes really were normal sizes years ago. The concept of vanity sizing means stores will stock your size, and you'll be able to find them there. So it's really great because you should be able to find what you need, in a size that fits, without too much trouble.

Here at Ark Industries, we offer custom-made printing, embroidery and personalized design advancement services for brands and companies alike.
We are also the Asia Pacific distributor for Yupoong Flexfit headwear.

Exactly what is T-shirt Printing?

There are numerous ways to print on t-shirts. Depending on the intricacy of your artwork, we will choose the most appropriate technique to use it onto t-shirts. Here at Ark Industries, we make use of 3 types of printing techniques.
• Heat press printing

Our heat press printing produces outstanding result with high resolution and vibrant prints. Our heat transfer material has our full quality assurance. Select from a vast array of colours and surfaces for your prints, including matt, metallic, shine and even 3M Scotchlite Reflective Vinyls.

• Silkscreen printing

Silkscreen printing makes use of a mesh to move ink onto a surface, while a stencil blocks particular locations to create a pattern. This strategy can be utilized on a big variety of materials, with constant, long-term results. The heavy ink protection made use of in the process also suggests brighter, more dynamic colours.

• Sublimation printing

Used mostly for creating personalised jerseys and tees, this strategy permits for full coloured prints all over the material. The colour is permanently soaked up, meanings that it won't exfoliate, and gives the fabric a fantastic soft feel. On top of that, sublimation printing permits you to select from a practically limitless colour combination, developing brighter and smoother colour variations.

Considering that our launch in 2005, Ark Industries has actually earned a credibility as one of the top embroidery and printing business in Singapore. Our objective is to fulfill and exceed the expectations of our their clients, delivering distinct, quality items, on time, each time.

Full Customisation
Our devoted internal design team enables us to create entirely customised designs. We operate in close collaboration with our clients, integrating a strong sense of looks with technical know-how to turn their ideas into fact.

Outstanding Customer Service
At Ark Industries we utilize only the greatest quality materials, imported all the way from Europe. Our embroidery threads are sourced from prominent manufacturer Madeira while for our prints we make use of TheMagicTouch, the world's leading image transfer paper system. Our items never fade and we provide a 100 % replacement assurance.

Uncompromising Quality
With 30 years of combined experience we have actually gotten important understanding into the requirements of our consumers. We pride ourselves on our ability to handle quick turn-arounds or special demands, providing a service that is always friendly, responsive and highly customised.

Here at Ark Industries, we make use of 3 types of printing techniques.
Our heat press printing produces exceptional outcome with high resolution and vibrant prints. Silkscreen printing makes use of a mesh to move ink onto a surface, while a stencil obstructs particular locations to produce a pattern. Sublimation printing allows you to select from a virtually unlimited colour palette, developing brighter and smoother colour variations.

At Ark Industries we make use of just the highest quality products, imported all the way from Europe.