Unique Ark.sg T-shirt printing for everyone

Unique Ark.sg T-shirt printing for everyone

Finding the Right Big and Tall Men's T-shirt

In the past there was always a certain amount of social stigma associated with shopping for big and tall men's T-shirt. It was embarrassing for these shoppers because they felt others looked at them in a negative way.

Today the designation “big and tall” does not carry the stigma that it once did. That’s because the T-shirt sizes have shifted enough that people who were considered “normal” just a few years ago have now been designated as “big and tall.” Related to this is that very many retailers and T-shirt designers are carrying and designing for these sizes. Everyone wants to look good, so read on to discover some tips you can use to dress your best.

Instead of wasting a lot of gas and time driving all over town, just simply get on the horn, call stores, and ask. It's easy and painless, just call the stores and talk to people, and you'll find out they're pretty friendly (they want your business) and just ask them. It is a good idea to ask specifically for the size you wear. They won't want to run all over the place, so rather than ask about particular items, maybe just ask if they have your size. Obviously, this is a huge timer-save, plus gas and frustration, if you were to drive from store to store and physically checking for what you require.

You can also shop for T-shirt in online stores. Most people like to try on clothes before purchasing, but buying online can still be a good way to buy big and tall men's T-shirt. There are hundreds of big and tall men’s T-shirt retailers on line that are just waiting for your business. Shopping online allows you the freedom to browse at your leisure and make selections that suit you without worrying about crowded dressing rooms or pushy salespeople. If you're not happy with the items you ordered online, you'll find that most retailers will allow you to return them for an exchange or refund easily.

Singapore t-shirt printing For jackets, keep an eye out for those with single breasted lapels. These have a slimming effect and can look quite dashing no matter what size you wear.

For more formal attire, be careful and take your time, and try to get it custom tailored so it will look the best. If you approach it smartly, there's no reason on earth why you can't dress and look great in whatever size you wear.

There's a lot to consider when you're shopping for big and tall men’s T-shirt.

You need to think about how and where you shop, plus you'll see there are many available options. Your parents and grandparents did not have the wide selection that you have today. So... get out there, have some fun, and find some great clothes that you'll look great wearing.

Here at Ark Industries, we supply custom-made printing, embroidery and customised design development services for brands and companies alike.
We are also the Asia Pacific supplier for Yupoong Flexfit headwear.

Exactly what is T-shirt Printing?

There are lots of ways to print on t-shirts. Depending upon the intricacy of your art work, we will pick the most ideal technique to use it onto t-shirts. Here at Ark Industries, we utilize 3 types of printing methods.
• Heat press printing

Our heat press printing produces outstanding result with high resolution and dynamic prints. Our heat transfer product features our complete quality assurance. Pick from a large range of colours and finishes for your prints, including matt, metallic, shine as well as 3M Scotchlite Reflective Vinyls.

• Silkscreen printing

Silkscreen printing makes use of a mesh to transfer ink onto a surface, while a stencil obstructs particular areas to develop a pattern. This strategy can be made use of on a big variety of materials, with constant, long enduring outcomes. The heavy ink protection used in the procedure also means brighter, more lively colours.

• Sublimation printing

Utilized mainly for developing customised jerseys and tees, this technique permits complete coloured prints all over the fabric. The colour is completely taken in, which indicates it will not exfoliate, and gives the material a great soft feel. Sublimation printing enables you to select from a practically endless colour combination, creating brighter and smoother colour variations.

Because our launch in 2005, Ark Industries has actually made a track record as one of the top embroidery and printing companies in Singapore. Tshirt printing Singapore Our mission is to satisfy and surpass the expectations of our clients, providing special, quality products, on time, every time.

Total Customisation
Our dedicated internal design group enables us to develop totally customised designs. We operate in close collaboration with our customers, integrating a strong sense of aesthetic appeals with technical knowledge to turn their ideas into reality.

Outstanding Customer Service
At Ark Industries we utilize just the highest quality products, imported all the method from Europe. Our embroidery threads are sourced from prominent producer Madeira while for our prints we use TheMagicTouch, the world's leading image transfer paper system. Our items never fade and we provide a 100 % replacement guarantee.

Uncompromising Quality
With 30 years of combined experience we have acquired important understanding into the needs of our clients. We pride ourselves on our ability to manage fast turn-arounds or unique demands, offering a service that is always friendly, extremely personalised and responsive.

Here at Ark Industries, we utilize 3 types of printing methods.
Our heat press printing produces outstanding result with high resolution and lively prints. Silkscreen printing uses a mesh to move ink onto a surface, while a stencil obstructs particular locations to produce a pattern. Sublimation printing permits you to choose from a virtually unlimited colour scheme, producing brighter and smoother colour variations.

At Ark Industries we use only the greatest quality materials, imported all the way from Europe.